June 27, 2016

About Us

Southern Sown

At Southern Sown, we believe success is not only about being the best in the world, but being the best for the world too. The mission of our farm is to provide unique and sustainable produce for a wholesome diet and holistic health. We work harmoniously with nature to grow specialty produce for local restaurants and consumers in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to consistently provide quality produce to wholesale and retail markets using production methods that are economically feasible as well as utilizing sustainable agriculture and best management practices. To top it all off, we love what we do!kyf-logo-small

Our Farmers

Samijo Miron

samijoOutdoor enthusiast and mother of three, Samijo is a helping hand and positive face in the community. Whether garden-sitting for a vacationing neighbor or stopping by to fix the weed-eater she let you borrow, Samijo has a genuine love for farming and good people, even when the work gets rough and the days grow long. She earned a degree in environmental science from Berry College in Rome, Georgia and has a history in the catering business. Samijo loves good food, good spirits, doesn’t belong to a fitness club, and eats micros to stay healthy!


Trent Steele

T1 Born and raised in Georgia, Trent has always liked to grow things – plain and simple. He moved to Colorado in order to pursue this passion, studying horticulture and aquaculture. After his education, Trent returned home and joined the local farming community. He lives by the words: do more of what makes you happy. When he isn’t at the farmers market, Trent will most likely be found in the fields, tending to the earth from dawn till dusk.